Meet the Heritage teaching team!

Heritage International School to be launched soon

Heritage, the first International School established in Moldova, is getting ready for the official launch – the finishing and decorating works are getting to an end. At the same time, the school continues the enrollment of learners for the academic year 2017-2018, which can give your child a chance for international education and a successful future.
We invite interested parents and their children to book a school presentation tour from Monday to Saturday, in order to see that Heritage infrastructure and mixed curriculum were designed specifically to correspond to the highest demands of the 21st century education. Thus, Heritage represents an international school, the school of the future, which raises personalities of virtues!

Heritage – international school

Bogdanka Adamu, director, Heritage International School:
"Our school is special for several reasons. First of all, learning will be carried out both in pupil’s native language (Romanian or Russian), and also in English. Our academic staff comes from various countries of the world, and native speakers will support children in all linguistic subtleties necessary to acquire knowledge and speak English fluently. Also, children will pursue a combined national and international curriculum, that complies with all recommendations of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova, along with the innovative International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and Cambridge Assessment International Education (Cambridge International). Thus, when graduating from the Lyceum, students will qualify for both: national baccalaureate exams, and the tests for Cambridge International Certification, and will get a national and an international diploma, which will favor their admission into reputable tertiary institutions all over the world."

Heritage – the school that raises personalities

Heritage International School intends to educate upright individuals, providing a safe, supportive and stimulating learning environment, where all learners are treated with care and respect

Inga Chiosa, vice-director, Heritage International School:
"Heritage academic program focuses on children and helps every child to develop his/her critical thinking, emotional intelligence and self-expression, preparing him/her to become an independent, responsible and actively contributing member of the society. We encourage student’s individuality and respect the cultural heritage of each family, raising personalities who are life-long learners, socially and emotionally balanced, leaders and promoters of ideas in a competitive society."

Heritage – the school of the future

Heritage International School prepares children for the challenges of future. Here, along with quality international education, students enjoy an exceptional infrastructure, modern utilities and a complex extracurricular program. For the harmonious development of intellectual, physical and social skills of the child, so important for his/her future, Heritage offers foreign languages clubs, volunteers’ club, volleyball, basketball and other sports, drama, music and school band, dances, vocal and choral interpretation, photography, LEGO Education, STEM education, chess, gymnastics and many other extracurricular activities.

Heritage provides a complete education cycle from the 1st to the 12th grade, and for the first year of our activity that starts on September 1, 2017 we are waiting to register children in grades from 1 to 7.

Book now a Heritage International School presentation tour by calling at +373 62022210!

The school team is waiting for you from Monday to Saturday at the address: 45A, Dacia Blvd, Chisinau.

Heritage International School Mission

Our Belief:

Heritage International School is founded on the belief that all children have the right to a relevant, inclusive and holistic education, which will help to awaken each child’s critical thinking, emotional intelligence and self-expression, preparing such a child to make meaningful contributions to the world.

Our Approach:

At Heritage we create a safe, supportive and stimulating learning environment, where all learners are treated with care and respect. Our leadership recognizes the importance of understanding, upholding and respect for each family’s cultural heritage, and encourages parent involvement in the educational process of their children. Heritage tailors learning to the needs of each child with the help of highly-qualified and professional staff, prioritizing intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and moral development. We equip our learners with skills to set realistic goals, meet challenges ahead of them and aspire to high standards of performance and behavior. Heritage aligns Moldovan educational standards with an internationally accredited curriculum promoting the pursuit of educational qualifications through learning English in combination with Romanian and Russian which results in the upbringing of individuals who are culturally aware and internationally minded.

Our Vision:

The vision of Heritage International School is the development of the whole child and the creation of individuals who are life-long learners, socially and emotionally balanced, and who have the intellectual, physical and moral ability to be independent, responsible and actively contributing members of society. Such individuals will embrace the principles of high self-esteem and integrity, working together and supporting one another so that to become visionaries and leaders in order to make lasting and positive contributions to the world.

Welcome message

Dear Parents and Friends of Heritage International School, Moldova.

Welcome to you all!

You made the right decision by visiting us and enrolling your child at our School.
Our School is distinct in many ways:

  • Heritage International School is a bilingual school where studies take place in English and Romanian & Russian.
  • We provide a visionary education tailored to the needs of all learners – Moldovan and foreign. Our Mission is grounded in the principles of enabling the children to become balanced individuals with high integrity.
  • We aspire to bestow on our future generation of young people a precious gift, the heritage of our common historical and cultural past, through which they can internalize all their experiences and emerge with a mindset which transcends division and boundaries.
  • Heritage International School offers excellent facilities in a child-centered manner.
    Our qualified staff of experienced educators come from various countries in the world. They support daily the learning of English and nurture the children’s continuous skill acquisition in all areas of development – academics, arts, sports and morals.
  • The School stands out in its divergent selection of pathways for the learners in all levels. Our pupils have the opportunities to pursue unique courses with multiple exits supported by the adoption of an innovative curriculum which is a school-personalized hybrid of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the programme offered by the Ministry of Education Moldova.
  • Heritage International School is the first and only school in Moldova which is in the process of applying for Cambridge International. Upon the approval by Cambridge International, our learners will be offered the opportunity to select the highly competitive and widely-accepted Cambridge International General Certificate Secondary Education (IGCSE) which supports admission into reputable tertiary institutions all over the world.

Heritage International School, Moldova will open its doors to the public on 01.09.2017.
On behalf of the whole staff of Heritage International School, Moldova, who are honoured to partner with you in order to raise and educate the children of Moldova and the world, I welcome you once again.

My Best Regards,
Mrs. Bogdanka Adamu
Director Heritage International School, Moldova


The Curriculum of Heritage International School in Chisinau, Moldova represents our visionary approach to learning for enduring understanding and character building based on scientifically-proven brain research developed by Fieldwork Education, a leading educational group, based in the United Kingdom

Presently over 1800 schools in 92 countries around the world use the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) produced by Fieldwork Education.

Heritage International School adopted the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) in a novelty way by blending this curricula with the Moldovan curriculum.

We aim at achieving an entirely new model which incorporates setting clear and level-appropriate learning outcomes in a child-centered environment promoting trans-disciplinary connections and global perspective while being able to meet the statutory requirements set by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova.

Learning is carried out in English, in a two-way pathway – for the learners in Romanian and for the learners in Russian, who would be prepared for the state exams in class 4 and class 9 respectively.

The division of classes: Primary - Class 1 to Class 4; Middle School (Gymnasium) - Class 5 to Class 9; High School (Lyceum) - Class 10 to Class 12.

In the High School (Lyceum) our learners will be introduced to Cambridge International Education (CIE) which will culminate in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations, required by leading universities and other tertiary institutions in the world Additionally, our learners will be completing their BAC exams in Class 12.

Admission guide


  • The admission calendar for 2017/2018 academic session starts on 2nd May, 2017, at the Admission Office.
  • Еhe Admission Office шы located at the school (bd. Dacia, 45/A).
  • Pupils could be admitted all through the school year.

English Language Assessment

A reasonable proficiency in English is required. Students will be assessed to determine their language comprehension and proficiency level if English is not their first language. Students who exhibit English language difficulties which impede their study will receive language development support.

Primary Years

Entry to Class 1

Applicants should provide Report on physical, socio-emotional, cognitive, language and communication development as well as development of learning capacities and attitudes at the end of the kindergarten prep course (for children attending the preparatory pre-school education institutions). There is no entrance test for children applying for this year group. An interview with the Vice-Director or Director of the School is scheduled.

Entry to Classes 2-4

Pupils applying for admission from Year 2 upwards must provide recent academic records.

Gymnasium / Entry to Classes 5 to 7

Pupils applying for admission from Year 5 upwards must provide recent academic records.

Provisional Admission

Once the Registration Fee (non–refundable, one-time payment for a single admission) payment confirmation and the completed and signed Application Form were received, Heritage International School will confirm the pupil's provisional admission in writing via e-mail.

List of Required documents for Admission

  • Pupil’s Birth Certificate and/or Identity Card and/or Passport;
  • A copy of each parent’s Identity Card or Passport;
  • A copy of each parent’s Entry Visa stamp on Passport (for foreign students);
  • Medical/ Health Information Form (including immunization records);
  • Medical insurance (for foreign students);
  • Pupil’s school academic records of previous studies (Classes 2 to 7);
  • A copy of each parent’s Entry Visa stamp on Passport (for foreign students);
  • 2 recent passport-size colored photographs;

Full admission will be offered only after School fees have been paid (according to the contract).

Heritage International School reserves the right to review the Admission procedures from time to time.

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  • Resumption Date is 1st September, 2017.
  • Academic Calendar as approved by the Ministry of the Republic of Moldova.
  • Admission into Class 1 to Class 7.
    Age requirements for admission like in the schools in the Republic of Moldova.
  • Staff strength comprises of Moldovan and international educators and teachers skilled in whole class management (Primary School), subject learning and English Language Learning Support; a Psychologist and Medical Personnel.
  • Uniforms (school uniform and sport uniform) are to be worn.
  • Meal menus (breakfast and lunch) offered.
  • Bus service offered.

Information in PDF

Parents Guide - English

Parents’ Guide appendix - Regulations

Admission Form

Tuition Schedule 2017/2018

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