1. Timing
The admission calendar for 2019-2020 academic session starts on 1st April, 2019 at the Admission Office (phone: 062022210, email: Pupils could be admitted all through the school year.
  1. Admission
A starter pack folder is provided to all parents intending to pursue admission into Heritage International School. This pack includes all sets of documents and information as regards the school policies and practices. Heritage International School reserves the right to review the Admission procedures as needed.
English Language Assessment
A reasonable proficiency in English is required. Heritage has adopted the widely acceptable and detailed World-class Instructional Design and Assessment Model (WIDA) which assesses the learner’s specific skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking.
Students will be assessed to determine their language comprehension and proficiency level if English is not their first language. The minimum entry score at WIDA entry test is not less than 3 in Speaking & Listening and in Reading, and not less than 2.5 in Writing for learners who have learnt English previously.
Students who come from a different language background with no English will not be denied admission and will receive language development support through the Intensive English Unit until their proficiency level will meet the expectations of the programme. Such learners will take a placement test in Mathematics only.
Placement Test
Academic Placement Test, set by the school, is required for learners entering classes 2 to 9. The latter comprises two tests in language (Russian or Romanian) and Mathematics (for the previous completed class of studies). The minimum pass mark for admission is 70% in each test – in language and in Mathematics. If an applicant does not meet the minimum requirement in academics, admission may be declined. The Placement Test is taken before Provisional Admission is offered.
Entry to Class 1
Applicants should provide Report on physical, socio-emotional, cognitive, language and communication development as well as development of learning capacities and attitudes at the end of the kindergarten prep course (for children attending the preparatory pre-school education institutions). There is no Placement test for children applying for this year group, the students will be assessed to determine English language comprehension and proficiency level.

English-Only Pathway
Admission is offered to the English-only pathway to some learners in Heritage. Such learners follow the Cambridge Primary and Cambridge Lower Secondary pathways. These learners will take the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint and Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint exams, which are mandatory. The requirements for the English-only pathway are as follows:
  • Learner is a citizen of another country (dual or foreign citizenship)
  • Parents waive their child’s participation in the national exams in Class 4, Class 9 and BAC in Class 12 (NOTE: this waiver is irreversible)
  • Average of WIDA test is required of not less than 4,00 (when learner comes without English background, the exam is excluded)
  • An academic test in Mathematics will be taken to determine the placement class of the applicant
Provisional Admission
Once the Registration Fee (non–refundable, one-time payment for a single admission) payment confirmation and the completed and signed Application Form were received, Heritage International School will confirm the pupil's provisional admission in writing, via e-mail or a call.
  1. List of Required documents for Admission
  • Application
  • A report on the physical, emotional and cognitive development, the manner of communication, the development of learning abilities, compiled at the time of the completion of the preparatory group (for children who attended kindergarten) or the positive reference of the municipal or district commission (for children applying to class I)
  • Original documents from previous school(s) (for children applying to class II-IX)
  • Medical card, issued before the day of application (Direction - extract, Form nr.027/e, approved by MH RM No. 828 on 31.10.2011) - (for children applying to class I)
  • Child's Medical Card – original (for children applying to class II-IX)
  • Child’s Immunization Card (for foreign children); when such is not available, kindly fill in *Form B
  • Medical insurance (for foreign pupils)
  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate/Passport of Child
  • Photocopy of ID document of each parent
  • A copy of each parent’s Entry Visa stamp on Passport (for foreign pupils)
  • Bank Teller of Payment
  • Photos (3x4 cm) of the child (2 pieces) and of each parent (1 piece each)
  • Admission Form A
  • In cases of special learning needs, a medical report by the relevant agencies is required
Full admission will be offered only after the academic Placement Test has been successful (a minimum of 70%) and fees have been paid (according to the Contract).
  1. Tuition Fees and Due Dates
Tuition (includes Main Educational Programme and Enrichment Programme) consists of two instalments:
1st instalment - 50% of annual tuition is due 01.07.2019
2nd instalment - 50% of annual tuition is due 25.12.2019
Tier 1 fees will be charged to pupils whose parents or legal representatives are citizens of Republic of Moldova.
School Tuition for Tier 1
Class Registration Fee Annual
Tier 1
1st instalment Tier 1 2nd instalment
Tier 1
(Ages 6/7-15)
250 Euro 5,750 Euro 2,875 Euro 2,875 Euro
Tier 2 fees will be charged to pupils who are dependents of foreign nationals or temporary residents of Republic of Moldova.
School Tuition for Tier 2
Class Registration
Annual Tuition Tier 2 1st instalment Tier 2 2nd instalment
Tier 2
(Ages 6/7-15)
450 Euro 10,000 Euro 5,000 Euro 5,000 Euro
• Registration fees should be paid according to the Preliminary Agreement.
• Tuition and fee payments must be made on time.
• The family discount for second child of 10% and third child of 15% is applicable.
• Discount of 4% is offered when paying for the whole session.

The amount of the tuition fee set at the time of the student's admission to Heritage will remain unchanged until the end of his/her schooling. Increasing the tuition fee by 10% is possible only in case of transition from one level of education to another (Primary School - Gymnasium - Lyceum).
In order to support the efforts of parents, Heritage International School collaborates with Mobiasbanca, one of the first commercial banks in Moldova, offering a wide range of financial services to individuals. For detailed information, please contact our accounting department at: /+373/ 62022213.

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