The Director’s address

The Director’s address

Dear Parents and Friends of Heritage International School, Moldova.
Welcome to you all!

You made the right decision by visiting us and enrolling your child at Heritage International School. 
We are distinct in many ways:

  • Heritage International School is a bilingual school where studies take place in English and Romanian & Russian.
  • We provide a visionary education tailored to the needs of all learners – Moldovan and foreign. Our Mission is grounded in the principles of enabling the children to become balanced individuals with high integrity.
  • We aspire to bestow on our future generation of young people a precious gift, the heritage of our common historical and cultural past, through which they can internalize all their experiences and emerge with a mindset which transcends division and boundaries.
  • Heritage International School offers excellent facilities in a child-centered manner. 
  • Our qualified staff of experienced educators come from various countries in the world. They support daily the learning of English and nurture the children’s continuous skill acquisition in all areas of development – academics, arts, sports and morals.
  • The levels of schooling include Primary School (Class 1 to Class 4), Gymnasium (Class 5 to Class 9) and Lyceum (Class 10 to Class12).
  • The School stands out in its divergent selection of pathways for the learners in all levels. Our pupils have the opportunities to pursue unique courses with multiple exits supported by the adoption of an innovative curriculum which is a school-personalized hybrid of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the programme offered by the Ministry of Education Moldova.
  • Heritage International School is the first and only school in Moldova which offers Cambridge Assessment International Education, which supports admission into reputable tertiary institutions all over the world.
  • Still, our learners will be able to qualify and sit for the national exams by the end of Grade 4 (Primary Level), Grade 9 (Gymnasium) and Grade 12 (Lyceum) respectively.

On behalf of the whole staff of Heritage International School, Moldova, who are honoured to partner with you in order to raise and educate the children of Moldova and the world, I welcome you once again.

My Best Regards,

The Director