Mission and vision

Mission and vision

Our Belief:

Heritage International School is founded on the belief that all children have the right to a relevant, inclusive and holistic education, which will help to awaken each child’s critical thinking, emotional intelligence and self-expression, preparing such a child to make meaningful contributions to the world.

Our Approach:

At Heritage we create a safe, supportive and stimulating learning environment, where all learners are treated with care and respect. Our leadership recognizes the importance of understanding, upholding and respect for each family’s cultural heritage, and encourages parent involvement in the educational process of their children. Heritage tailors learning to the needs of each child with the help of highly-qualified and professional staff, prioritizing intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and moral development. We equip our learners with skills to set realistic goals, meet challenges ahead of them and aspire to high standards of performance and behaviour. Heritage aligns Moldovan educational standards with an internationally accredited curriculum, promoting the pursuit of educational qualifications through learning English in combination with Romanian and Russian which results in the upbringing of individuals who are culturally aware and internationally minded.

Our Vision:

The vision of Heritage International School is the development of the whole child and the creation of individuals who are life-long learners, socially and emotionally balanced, and who have the intellectual, physical and moral ability to be independent, responsible and actively contributing members of society. Such individuals will embrace the principles of high self-esteem and integrity, working together and supporting one another so that to become visionaries and leaders in order to make lasting and positive contributions to the world.