Unique opportunities for students in Chisinau. 10 arguments to choose a better school

Unique opportunities for students in Chisinau. 10 arguments to choose a better school
Do you want your children to study in a school where they can acquire skills in all areas of development, where they have qualified teachers from different countries, and the chance to be admitted to top universities of the world? If you answered yes, know that such an educational institution exists in our country – Heritage International School.

We are convinced that Heritage is the right choice for your child and we can give you at least 10 reasons:

1. The only Cambridge School in the country
Heritage is the first and only school in the Republic of Moldova to have been awarded the Cambridge School status. What opportunities does this status offer to students? Cambridge International qualifications obtained at Heritage are recognized globally, and graduates have the opportunity to enrol in any renowned university all over the world.

2. Unique internationally accredited curriculum
Students from Heritage learn according to a mixed curriculum (national and international) that successfully combines the programme offered by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) in primary classes and Cambridge Assessment International Education in the Gymnasium. Important! At Heritage this program is available to all students, regardless of the country they come from or the language of instruction.

3. Studying English at an advanced level 
Heritage learners study in their mother tongue (Romanian/Russian) and English (intensive). Children are placed in classes according to their level of English. Periodically, students are subjected to tests that assess their capabilities and, if necessary, they are offered individual or group support. Children who have not previously studied English benefit from an intensive program until they reach the required level.
Certain subjects, such as geography, history, fine arts, physical education, STEM, are taught in English by teachers trained in the respective field. Once a week, students study Funny Maths in English, according to the Cambridge International curriculum.

4. Leading places in national and international competitions
Heritage teachers constantly invest in training learners for competitions. During the 2017-2018 academic year the students managed to take leading positions in the Municipal and Republican English Language Olympiad, in the International Competition “Math Kangaroo”, in the Olympiads of History, Romanian Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature, Chess, etc.
In March, Heritage International School organized and hosted the Regional Round of the International Academic Competition “World Scholar's Cup”, which brought together students from 22 schools across the country. The Heritage team that qualified traveled recently to Barcelona, Spain, to compete in the Global Round of World Scholar's Cup, with over 12,000 students from 57 countries. The spirit of competitiveness, the agility of the mind and their advanced level of English helped Heritage students get one gold medal, one silver medal and three runner-up medals.

5. Cambridge International Exams
Learners, whose mother tongue is Romanian or Russian, take the national exams in the 4th and 9th grades. At the same time, they can take Cambridge Primary Checkpoint (optional exam in mathematics, science and English as a secondary language) in the 5th grade, and Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint exam (the same subjects) in the 8th grade. If they meet all the graduation criteria, the students receive the International General Certificate of Secondary Education – an internationally recognized diploma. All Cambridge International exams are held at Heritage, the school being approved as an exam centre.

6. Cambridge Certified Teachers
All Heritage teachers hold internationally recognized Cambridge certificates proving their advanced level of English knowledge. Currently, eight foreign educators from US, Canada, Great Britain, Europe and Asia are teaching at Heritage, including in classes with instruction in Romanian and Russian, helping students improve their level of understanding, speaking and writing in English. Because at Heritage the education is child-centred, the classes are small (up to 22 students), so each child has an individual approach and the teacher’s attention during the lesson.
Teachers constantly benefit from various trainings provided by international facilitators: introduction to the IPC Curriculum; innovative teaching methods; the use of educational technologies, etc.

7. State-of-the-art facilities and hi-tech equipment
Classrooms are equipped with interactive boards and projection systems, with laptops and tablets. Students have access to laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment (Chemistry, Physics and Natural Sciences labs), computer rooms, language rooms, music room, artistic studio, library, gymnasium, swimming pool, choreography, recreation area with playground, robotics lab (LEGO Education).
Each student holds a personal account on a mobile platform that allows them to read certain books, depending on the level of language knowledge, and to learn English. Through the same application, parents and teachers can track students’ progress. Mobile phones are forbidden during lessons.

8. Homework done in school – free of charge 
After completing the academic program, students are doing their homework at school while being supervised by teachers and can ask for their help. Extra charges are not applied for this extracurricular activity.

9. Extracurricular clubs for each student’s passions
At Heritage, the harmonious development of students means not only academic performance, but also fostering hobbies, the discovery/choice of a vocation. Students choose the clubs they want to attend (free of charge), very important for their harmonious development:
  • Educational (foreign languages, mathematics, robotics, oratory, reading club, STEM).
  • Artistic and creative activities (arts/design, crafts, singing, drama club, dance, drums, etc.).
  • Sports clubs (volleyball, basketball, football, badminton, table tennis, swimming, gymnastics, chess).
10. Effective communication with parents
Open and constant communication with parents is another fundamental principle of Heritage International School. Periodically parents are invited to coffee breaks and discussions with school director, Bogdanka Adamu. Parents are encouraged to attend lessons, participate in teacher-parent conferences, get involved in the Heritage Community activities, and be part of the Parent Forum and the Parents and Teachers Association.
Moreover, parents can attend English language classes or trainings on special education (for children with special educational needs).

Did we convince you how many opportunities Heritage offers? If you want to learn more, call 062022210, send an e-mail to or write a message on the Facebook page.

The annual tuition fee for Moldovan citizens at Heritage is EUR 5750 plus the registration fee of EUR 250 (non-residents: EUR 10,000 / EUR 450). Family discounts apply: for the second child – 10%, for the third child – 15%. A discount of 4% is offered when paying for the whole session.

Heritage offers unique, relevant and quality education, preparing the student for the challenges of the future!


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