“GO Heritage” – a new way of raising responsible children

“GO Heritage” – a new way of raising responsible children
At Heritage International School, parents and teachers are part of an entity that engages in community development, protects the environment, volunteers, and is part of innovative educational projects. The institution is committed to act with responsibility in order to develop the Heritage community and have a positive impact on society. For all these activities, a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme has been created – “GO Heritage”. This decision makes Heritage the only educational institution in Moldova to develop such a complex CSR programme.
Bogdana Adamu, director, Heritage International School: “At Heritage, we are strategically committed to be a social responsible institution, and promoting quality education, respect, fairness, adaptability and morality, among others. These values are embedded in the Mission and the Vision of the School and embraced while learning through the International Primary Curriculum and Cambridge Assessment International Education. We are proud to have dedicated kids, teachers working with passion, and parents who support us in everything we do”.
“GO Heritage” focuses on 4 key areas: quality education, ethics, civic spirit and community.

Quality education is a priority for the school, the institution incorporating innovative methodologies into pedagogical practices. The learners of the Heritage International School are studying according to a mixed national and international curriculum that includes all the recommendations of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova, together with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and Cambridge International Education (CIE). Upon graduation, learners will have both Baccalaureate examinations and Cambridge international certification exams, obtaining a national and an international degree.
Heritage International School is an ethical organization and it respects the law and local regulations. Honesty and openness guide the school in the process of treating with its stakeholders: shareholders, teachers, additional staff, children, parents, competitors and authorities. The institution values employees’ opinion and treats each employee as an equal. Heritage shows respect for kids and parents by listening to feedback and assessing needs. The school respects its community by being environmentally responsible, showing care and offering back what it is considered as being important.

Heritage is an eco-friendly school, which manifests a responsible approach to the environment protection. The institution always finds new ways to communicate regularly to the Heritage community about its actions to reduce the consumption of natural resources. In the upcoming months, Heritage will develop a cycle of actions in order to help kids to be more environmentally friendly. The school will carry out a campaign aiming at practical ways to reduce the use of plastic items. At the end of the campaign Heritage kids will visit a specialized factory, where they will learn the secrets of plastic recycling.
Building a strong sense of community is very important for an educational institution on its way of being social responsible. For this reason, Heritage is doing everything in its power to create a stronger community in which parents, children and teachers feel good together and achieve academic success. Such an example is “Heritage Sports and Community Day” – an outdoor event where parents, teachers, parents and kids will play sports, enjoying the time spent together and with friends from other schools.

The school intends to expand these areas and build an institution that raises learners who will become the future generation of community leaders of the country and the world at large.

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