Inga Chiosa, Heritage vice-director: “The first Moldovan school with the status ‘Cambridge School’ offers pupils an international passport for development and success”

Inga Chiosa, Heritage vice-director: “The first Moldovan school with the status ‘Cambridge School’ offers pupils an international passport for development and success”
Since its very launch on September 1, 2017, Heritage has been applying the Cambridge curriculum. What changes now that Heritage has obtained the status of “Cambridge School”?
The Heritage International School is officially recognized by Cambridge Assessment International Education as a Cambridge School MD004. This status gives Moldovan students excellent opportunities to obtain internationally recognized Cambridge qualifications, not just a certificate of language skills. Heritage also offers a complete Cambridge educational pathway, from primary to high school, in an international academic pathway.

What are the main advantages of “Cambridge School” status for learners studying at Heritage?
Cambridge Assessment International Education is a “global family” of schools, the foundation of which is the passion for education. Learners study the Cambridge curriculum and take Cambridge Primary, Cambridge Lower Secondary, Cambridge International General Certificate of Education (IGCSE) and, finally, Advanced Level (A Level) examinations. Teachers have access to all Cambridge resources and continuous professional development at an international level. Over the past 3 weeks, 14 Heritage teachers have obtained certificates in the professional development programs organized by Cambridge Assessment International Education. Professional training, British textbooks and the experience of international teachers allow the creation of real opportunities for students. At Heritage, there are over 250 students and teachers from different countries, who speak different languages, which contributes to creating a very diverse multicultural learning environment.
In our school, we are not only concerned with the student's academic success. We approach the process of learning from many perspectives and ask ourselves: Who the learner is? What is his relationship with the environment and the teachers? How do they communicate with colleagues/teachers? What factors influence their development and comfort? How will they achieve success when they become adults?

How does Cambridge program work at Heritage?
The Cambridge International program provides students with a balanced training, including both compulsory subjects and disciplines that students choose and which allow them to shape a personalized learning path. The curriculum is aligned with the principles and methods of teaching in the UK, therefore children benefit from studying through a well-balanced curriculum in English only, through educational projects, extracurricular activities, international exchanges and many others. This provides the learners with academic training, an effective approach, rich life experiences, valuable multicultural exchanges, and academic success, both in the national and international education systems.
Additionally, Cambridge International is founded on core values which develop certain attributes in the learners: confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged.

What Cambridge qualifications can students get at Heritage and what is the procedure?
At the end of the gymnasium cycle, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is awarded. During this program, students study a minimum of 5 subjects, including English and Mathematics, take exams in each discipline and, thus, obtain the IGCSE certificate.
If after studying IGCSE, students choose to continue their high school studies with the Cambridge International A-Level program, they study 3-4 subjects, chosen according to their preferences and abilities, but also taking into account the requirements of the universities where they want to apply. A-Level materializes in a series of internationally recognized qualifications, with which the student can subsequently apply to the university.
The first Heritage high school graduates will be the class of 2022. In addition to the baccalaureate exams BAC), the 12th grade graduates will also take the Cambridge exams and obtain the A-Level diploma, the equivalent of an International Baccalaureate, following the British Cambridge International model, which will help them enroll in foreign universities. Students and their parents are free to decide how many subjects they want to study, depending on their career choice, individual abilities and disciplines previously studied.

What opportunities do the Cambridge International qualifications offer to Heritage students?
Cambridge IGCSE is the most popular international qualification in education for children aged 14-16. A-Level (at the age of 18) is a program recognized by major universities around the world, by global employers, and represents an international passport for development and success.

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