The first “World Scholar’s Cup” in Chisinau, hosted by Heritage

The first “World Scholar’s Cup” in Chisinau, hosted by Heritage
Hosting an international competition that brings together hundreds of learners, teachers, judges and volunteers from all over the country is a great challenge. It requires a suitable infrastructure, organizational capabilities, logistic abilities, a dedicated international team of teachers as coordinators, as well as the willingness to volunteer precious time and resources. Heritage accepted the great honor of being selected by “World Scholar’s Cup” for the job and considered all the requirements to be an important investment into the future of Moldovan students.
The first international academic competition “World Scholar’s Cup” in Moldova took place on 13 March 2018, being hosted and sponsored by Heritage International School, in partnership with FLEX Program and Debate Academy Moldova. Heritage welcomed 40 participating teams made of 141 learners from 18 schools, for a battle of wit, intelligence and creativity.
Bogdanka Adamu, director, Heritage International School: “Heritage International School has been strategically committed to helping develop 21st century students and raising a generation with all the skills needed for the challenges of tomorrow. That is why we are continually applying international successful practices both in our educational and extracurricular activities. Today's event demonstrates how receptive students are to test their abilities and learn new things, when learning is combined with fun and a healthy competitive spirit. It has been an extraordinary experience for students, and we will make sure that we will offer many such opportunities in the future.”
Throughout its activity, Heritage encourages its learners to integrate in the international academic circuit. Whether it’s applying international curriculums, providing Cambridge qualifications or organizing international competitions – it is all part of the greater purpose of raising internationally-minded individuals, members of the global community.
To make it possible, Heritage provided all necessary resources for the Regional Round of “World Scholar’s Cup”, one of the most valuable being the team who carried out the preparations and the event itself.
Farukh Khalilov, Maths & IT teacher, STEM coordinator: “I was honored to take a part in WSC, preparing students for the round. My part was to teach learners how to make proper research and how to reach proper source of information, as well as keep students motivated. On the other hand, I was able to have a role in the organization unit too, organizing workflow and the event itself. Heritage team learned so much from this experience and we have many ideas for the next year, so, as amazing as it was, we are determined to make the next time another unforgettable experience for children.”
Rose Moran, English teacher: “The World Scholar's Cup was a very rewarding competition to be involved in. I tutored students for the 'Academic Writing' part of the event and was responsible for coaching the students in their evaluative essay writing skills. To see our students putting the skills they have developed into practice, in a pressured environment, was wonderful! Judging by how much our leaners enjoyed the experience, I predict there will be an even greater turn out of students applying to compete in next year’s event. It is a fun and thrilling way to make them fall in love with knowledge and to want to learn more.”
Angela Cara, Curriculum Coordinator, Exam Officer, Cambridge Career Coordinator:
“WSC has been a real mobilization experience and we are glad that we have been able to convince the authorities, schools, teachers, parents and students in the Moldovan educational institutions to get involved in an international event of this magnitude. The great achievement is that Heritage offered its students, but also students from other schools, the opportunity to strengthen their knowledge and skills acquired in various school disciplines and to develop their skills in argumentation, debate and public speaking, in a global competition.”
James Tiger, Humanities Teacher & English Language Learning Support: “I was involved with training the debaters and, because many in the school have never debated before, it was a challenge! I believe that the event went very well, and I feel honored that Heritage International School was chosen as the host site. I believe that next year there will be some amazing results. Because I will be back to the United States, for the final WSC event in November, I may perhaps volunteer there and hope to see Heritage students representing Moldova!” 
The winning teams have qualified to join the Global Round of “World Scholar’s Cup” in Barcelona, where they can compete with representatives from other countries. Meanwhile, Heritage International School is getting ready to host the next year’s “World Scholar’s Cup” – a greater event with even more participants and more fun for the students!


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