The learning process

Heritage International School is committed to educating Moldovan students, with an emphasis on critical thinking, international mindedness and the development of the whole child. The academic program is a blend of Moldovan and international learning standards.
Learning is carried out in an inquiry-based environment within group and hands-on activities. The instruction is carried out in predominantly in English with strong support of the native Romanian or Russian language for the younger learners in order to help them develop thinking skills. Learning is individualized and differentiated based on the needs of each child.
The school programme integrates the development of discipline, self-regulations and moral values along with sound academics.

Primary School

Primary School covers Class 1 to Class 4. Children resuming school are seven years of age. The duration of this level of schooling is four years. Each session is divided in two semesters. Read more


This level covers learning in Class 5 to Class 7 respectively. During those years the learners will be covering the standards recommended by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova which have been, just like in the previous level of Primary School, blended with the international standards in Science, Mathematics and English as prescribed by Cambridge International Education (CIE). Read more


High school level at Heritage International School will be launched later, once the first class of students will graduate the Gymnasium and will be promoted to higher grades. Read more