Heritage Language Academy

Heritage Language Academy

At Heritage International School, languages are tools of international communication, education and collaboration in a multicultural environment. Our teachers are highly qualified professionals with a vast and deep experience in the field of teaching English as a foreign language, as a second and even as the first language.
Because we would like to share our experience and help you master your language skills too, we are delighted to invite you to attend the couses of the Heritage Language Academy!
10 reasons to choose Heritage Language Academy:
  • Certified and award-winning teachers
  • Conversations with native speakers
  • The unique Heritage approach
  • Cambridge and Oxford methods
  • “National Geographic” materials
  • International teaching team
  • Small groups of 5-9 people
  • Courses for any level of proficiency
  • Groups for all ages
  • Online courses using inovative digital tools
Sign up now and test your level for free: (+373) 620 222 08 / language.academy@heritage.md

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Skill levels: all levels from Beginner to Advanced (A1-C1), according to the CEFR, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. During each course period (8 or 10 weeks) you can advance with ½ level.
Choose your course!
We provide English courses catering to all kinds of candidates of all ages in a variety of programs, covering all four core skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). Choose what suits you best:
  • English language for beginners
  • general English language courses
  • test preparation
  • conversational courses with exclusively native teachers (for advanced levels: B2 and C1)


Group Age Days Duration Monthly fee (MDL)
Juniors 9-12 years old Monday/Wednesday/Friday
2.5 months / 30 lessons 1520
Teens 13-17 years old 2.5 months / 30 lessons 1520
Adults 18+ years old 2 months / 24 lessons 1550
Lesson duration: 1h 30 min (2 academic hours)
Payment of fees: it is possible to pay the fee in installments.

ONLINE Teaching
The courses of the Heritage Language Academy take place online, by applying the unique method developed by Heritage through the use of interactive activities and innovative digital tools. Heritage was the only school in the country to launch its Distance Learning Program on the first day of quarantine in March 2020, so students have not missed a single day of school. The Heritage model and methods proved to be so effective that they were adopted by other schools, and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova used the expertise of Heritage to create the national distance learning program. Moreover, Heritage has become a model for schools in other countries - our teachers were invited to speak at international meetings and conferences about the methods applied for effective online teaching.
The methods developed by Heritage and the experience of our teachers in online education make all the difference - the Academy courses allow students to speak (or improve their) English in just 2 months!

Course Support: all textbooks, worksheets and materials used during the course are included in the fee and provided by Heritage.

Assessment and certification: Certificate of attendance / Certificate of completion
Contact us now and start improving your English skills:
(+373) 620 222 08 / language.academy@heritage.md